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Ex Enclosures

Polyester Ex Enclosures MBP e

MBP-Ex e junction boxes made of Polyester are conform to all installation field requirements where explosive concentrations of gases and dusts can appear. Zones 1 and 2 as well as 21 and 22 and with temperature classes T5 to T6. Temperature class 6 signifies that even in the case of assembled terminals, the maximum total temperature does not exceed 85°C, neither inside nor outside the enclosure, and therefore combustible gases and dust cannot be ignited. The graphite additive in the polyester material prevents static charge of the housing surface by the low surface resistance = <10 (high -9) ohms. This completely avoids electrostatic charging and sparks resulting from it. In certain cases, where the application or specification permits the combination of circuitry, the Ex-junction box with the protection type increased safety «e» can be combined with the intrinsically safe type «i», however the minimum clearance and creepage distance between the terminals of both power circuits must be 50 mm. Even in this case there is no heating of the intrinsically safe power circuit.

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