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Aluminium Enclosures

Aluminium enclosures are manufactured with aluminium die casting or gravity casting methods and after chromate treatment are finished with a polyester based powder paint.

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Plastic Enclosures

Many different materials are used in the area of plastics. As standard we offer enclosures manufactured from Polyester, UV-resistant Polycarbonate or ABS. Other processed plastic materials include, Polystyrene and Noryl and other specific materials for special applications are available upon request.

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Ex Enclosures

Ex-Enclosures are always used when explosive concentrations of gases, vapours or dusts occur in the installation area in hazardous area applications. A separate certificate is required to prove the constructional safety of the component enclosure.

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Custom Enclosures

Custom enclosures are always required when your individual requirements cannot be solved with a standard product.

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Enclosure and cable accessories

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